About Us

The law firm of Nassis & Associates was founded in 2005 and is committed to addressing client concerns with effective and prompt solutions.

The firm is composed of outstanding multilingual attorneys.  Our experience includes cases involving administrative law, corporate business law, real estate/property law, inheritances, estates, family law, retirement benefits, criminal law, intellectual property, recognition of foreign judgments and certified translations of all documents.  We also provide consulting services on international legal issues.

We approach a client's needs with the first consultation where we review the client's legal problem, as well as clearly explain what is expected of the client and in turn, what the client can expect from us.  In this manner, the client feels confident in our representation and we feel confident in meeting our clients' needs.

Not all cases have to go to trial, so we inform our clients of our experience and ability to settle matters out of court.  Our experience in settling matters out of court has saved many of our clients time and money in getting a settlement for their disputes.

Our firm is among the firms listed with the US Embassy in Athens, Greece, the US Consulate General in Thessaloniki, Greece, and the Greek Consulate General in New York.  Many of our clients have been able to contact us through the Embassy and Consulate Generals as well as from the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce with whom we keep close ties.

Our firm also consists of a native New York attorney who is a practicing attorney both in New York State and in Greece.  Most of our international clients feel confident relating to a native English speaker.  Given this experience we have from abroad, our firm stands out from all other firms in Thessaloniki, Greece in that we are able to approach our clients in an efficient and expedient manner and can relate to our clients' needs in all aspects.