Administrative Law
We represent clients in dispute with government agencies that provide some type of public benefit or aid to individuals, particularly when that benefit might be or has been terminated, limited, or outright denied.  These agencies range from the Social Security Administration, Employment/Labor Boards, Unemployment Insurance Agencies, Workers' Compensation Boards, Licensing Agencies and Zoning Boards.  Our firm recently handled a high profile case with the Food and Drug Administration equivalent in Greece (E.F.E.T.).

Corporate Business Law
We handle cases regarding the formation of different types of companies, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and transfer of companies.  We also provide counseling on all matters involving any business transactions.

Real Estate/Property Law
Our real estate practice is diverse and extensive.  We handle closings, sales, and loans in all of Greece in cooperation with numerous notaries throughout Greece.  We also deal with full title searches and real estate finance as it relates to residential and commercial transactions.

Inheritances, Estates
We represent clients in probate proceedings (contested and uncontested) and estate beneficiaries in all matters relating to the administration of estates and trusts.  We also provide them with advice and assist them in planning for the distribution of their assets.

Family Law
We counsel and advise clients engaged in matrimonial disputes, including divorce, child custody and visitation, spousal and child support, and division of property.  We seek to resolve these divorces and other family law disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner either through a negotiated settlement or litigation in court.  We also handle adoptions and appointment of legal guardians.  Our firm is currently handling an international Hague Convention adoption.

Social Security
We handle matters regarding the recognition of benefits for citizens abroad and determining qualification for social security benefits and succession of such benefits.

Criminal Law
Our firm has handled cases involving drug possession, drug transporting and delivery, as well as property crimes, juvenile crimes, and military crimes.  We conduct a thorough investigation of all evidence and focus on our client's defense to obtain the best outcome.

Intellectual Property
Our practice regarding this field is broad and it includes all aspects of patent, trademark, copyright law, litigation and advice on domain names, security interests in intellectual property and licensing.

Recognition of Foreign Judgments and Certified Translations
Due to our expertise on an international level, we engage in the execution of foreign judgments in Greece and the United States.  We also translate and certify all legal and non-legal documents to and from the English, Greek, and French languages.